New Salon Procedures

Due to the close nature of our appointments we will be taking our safety procedures very seriously and we need you to help us by doing the same.  By now you will be familiar with the various social distancing practices that are required to reduce the spread of the virus, and due to these, your appointment will be very different from before.

Safety Measures

  • The salon has undergone a deep clean, we have removed half the chairs and we are installing screens between each station as well as at reception.
  • All our staff have been fully briefed and everyone has taken (& passed) the Barbacide COVID-19 certificate – this is a program designed to present the most current information that is pertinent to the Professional Beauty Professional.
  • Each member of staff will be assigned a specific station for the duration of their shift.
  • Each station will be fully cleaned down between every appointment
  • All staff will be wearing masks & gloves and masks will be provided and encouraged for all clients
  • It is now compulsory for all clients to wear face coverings in the salon.
  • Hand Santizer will be available at every chair

Arriving at the salon

We have had to severely restrict the number of people inside the salon at any one time which means that our waiting area will be temporarily unavailable, and you will be met by your stylist or colourist and shown directly to your chair.  In addition to this, please don’t be late as we have a very tight schedule to ensure correct social distancing and station cleaning, so we can only hold your start time for a maximum of 5 minutes otherwise we will have to cancel and rebook your appointment.


We will be taking a £50 deposit for all bookings as we can only run at 50% of our capacity so cannot absorb the financial loss of a ‘no show’.


We will not be able to provide any refreshments during this period so please ensure you bring a drink with you.

Coats and personal belongings

The cloakroom facility will be out of action so if the weather allows, please leave your coat at home as the only place to put it will be on your lap.  Space will be limited so keep personal belongings to a minimum.

All Colour appointments

Please let us know if you have attempted any home maintenance during the lockdown, give us as much detail as possible and photographs would be helpful if you have had any home disasters!  Due to the strict nature of the appointment times we need to know well in advance if you are going to need any specifically special treatment or a longer appointment.

Skin Tests

Skin tests are only valid for 6 months, therefore if you have had your hair coloured with us in 2020 then a skin test will not be necessary.  However if your last colour appointment was in 2019 you will need a new one prior to your colour appointment – these can be done in the salon from 22nd of June, Monday to Saturday between 10 & 4pm – just pop in within those times.

Colour only appointments

Unfortunately, due to the chair restrictions we will not be able to provide blow dry’s for clients that have booked colour only.

Childrens appointments

These will be unavailable for the month of July

Covid Symptons

As a local business, we take our responsibility for the local community extremely seriously.   If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms or come into contact with anyone you suspect may have symptoms we respectfully ask you to immediately cancel any existing appointments and not make another appointment for at least 14 days.

If ChandlerWright becomes aware of any potential COVID-19 contact that may’ve taken place either with a client or member of staff, we will ensure that everyone who may’ve been exposed is notified immediately.

We’d like to reiterate just how much we value your loyalty, patience and understanding during these incredibly testing times.